Question 01

Given that:

\text{P}&= \lbrace x | x \:\text{is a prime numbers}, 2 < x < 11\rbrace\\\\
\text{Q}&= \lbrace x | x \:\text{is an odd numbers}, 2 < x < 9\rbrace\\\\
\text{R}&= \lbrace x | x \:\text{integers}, 1 ≤  x  < 25\rbrace\\\\
\text{T}&= \lbrace x | x \:\text{is a factors of 24}\rbrace

Which of the following statements are true and which are false?

A.  \(\text{P} \subset \text{Q}\)

B.  \(\text{P} \subseteq \text{Q}\)

C.  \(\text{T} \subset \text{R}\)

D.  \(\text{R} \subseteq \text{T}\)

E.  \(\text{P} \nsubseteq \text{R}\)

F.  \(\text{Q} \nsubseteq \text{T}\)


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